Color Coded Blue

Blue is everywhere, from the crystal waters to the light blue sky. Now finding it on the ground in a city is a bit harder. It was impressive how much blue I found around my home as it is one of the less used color. Here are my best five.


Color Coded Orange

The color Orange was actually hard to find, even after having a fruit named after it. Taken the wrong way my orange turned yellow or red. As I went on a quest to find orange I realized that orange is not commonly used in less the city is building something, then the orange population grows. I toke 25 images after having taken many accidental yellows, here are my best five.

Dance room

This week we took a journey to the dance room. We were lucky to be able to watch M.A.C’s dancers work on their routine and even luckier to actually be able to photograph them. When they are dancing they show grace that everyone seems to enjoy. I enjoy how the dancers are able to show elements of arts using their bodies like us photographers show the elements through our images. They seem to show a lot of line whenever they dance around.